The following list outlines many of the frequently asked questions we encounter regarding our advanced dry silo cleaning methods. If you do not find the answer to your question below, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more detailed information.

Q: Do any cleaning crew members enter the silo?
Q: How long after the cleaning process can my silo be put back into production?
Q: What is the maximum size of silo that your system can clean out?
Q: Is the SASC method able to clean square silos?
Q: The cleaning method we use today often creates cave-ins that block the discharge chutes causing delays in the cleanout project. Does your system have the same problem?
Q: I have a grain silo that has been clogged for many years? Is it possible with your system to clean it out and bring it back to service?
Q: What will the job cost?
Q: When can your crew start work?
Q: Our plant is located in another country. Do you provide your service in other countries?
Q: Can you provide company references for our industry?
Q: How many years has this service been available?
Q: How can I reduce or avoid having my silos block up?
Q: What information do you required in order to provide me with a price quotation?
Q: I have a stainless steel silo. Is there any chance your system will damage my silo?