Over the years SASC has cleaned out many different kinds of silos, bins and hoppers. The following case studies provide a few examples of the various projects SASC has undertaken:


International Cement Review 2007 Article

In May 2007 our company was tasked with cleaning out cement silos and an article was written about our success.


International Cement Article May 2007-SASC-1



International Cement Article May 2007-SASC-2

Cement Industry – Case Study #1

An emergency call was received from a cement plant late one afternoon. The plant had a blocked silo with 1,000 tons of mixed limestone and clinker that needed to be cleared immediately.

Our crew arrived on site at the cement plant the following morning. Using the SASC cleaning method we were able to clear approximately 300 tons of loose material, with the remaining 700 tons in the form of rocks. Of these 700 tons of rocks, approximately 650 tons were broken down and reused throughout the system and only 50 tons needed to be recycled.

The silo utilized a conveyor belt at the bottom to remove material.

View photos from before and after the cleaning process:

Cement Industry – Case Study #2

In response to an emergency call from an overseas cement plant, our crew arrived within one week at the cement plant. The task at hand was to clean out an accumulation of rocks in the silo. We were given 10 working days to complete the cleaning.

As a result of technical problems with their compressor, the plant was not able to provide us with the required air pressure and volume needed to clean the silo. Also due to process restrictions, it was required that the cleaned material be dumped on the ground at the bottom of the silo.

Even with the limitations of the compressor and the need to remove the material from the ground, our crew was able to complete the cleaning process two days ahead of schedule. As a result of the SASC cleaning method, all of the cleaned material was recovered – 90% of the material was bagged for sale and the balance was recycled.

View photos from the cleaning operation:

Mining Industry – Case Study #3

In an upcoming shut down, the plant had to replace lining in the silo chutes. We received a request from a mining processing plant to remove as much build-up material as possible in the silo to bring it to a safe level were a backhoe could be lowered inside to clear the area around the chutes. We were given six 12-hour shifts in which to complete the job.

When our crew arrived only two of four chutes were partially open. After 3.5 shifts we achieved the requirements and had completely cleared all four chutes. Only when material was forced to the chutes, they were temporary full until the conveyor system removed it to be processed. At this stage a backhoe was lowered into the silo to complete the work.

As a result of the SASC cleaning method, 100% of the material removed was recovered and returned for processing in the mill.

View photos from before and after the cleaning process: