SASC’s superior cleaning method offers many benefits and advantages over conventional silo cleanout methods:

Green Solution - NO Generated Waste
Many silo cleaning methods utilize high pressure water to break up build-ups on silo walls. This process requires large volumes of water and generates substantial quantities of waste material made up of water and the silo contents. In addition to the waste having the potential to be very environmentally damaging, the overall cost of cleaning the silo is substantially higher as the waste material must be carefully disposed of in accordance with local environmental regulations.

SASC utilizes a Green silo cleanout process. Instead of using water, the process uses dry, pressurized air. The process is environmentally friendly – generating NO waste run-off, and is economical – it enables most of the cleaned material to be recovered. In many cases our customers are able to immediately utilize recovered material in their processes or package for resale.

Time Savings
Cleaning silos with pressurized water can be a long process. Disposal of the wet waste and the time needed for the silo to dry, before it can be used again, further adds to the overall time required for the cleanout process. Other techniques such as whips avoid using water but can be very slow.

SASC’s unique dry air cleaning process provides remarkable cleaning results in a very short time. Our process utilizes specialized cleaning heads to help break up silo build-up. As no water is used, there is little or no waste to remove and silos can be returned to operation immediately after the cleaning process is complete. In many cases our customers are able to continue utilizing their silos while we clean them.

Cost Savings
The SASC cleaning process provides storage operators with a number of ways to save:


  • Lightweight, portable equipment used in the process reduces set up time.
  • Several silos can be cleaned simultaneously, reducing man-hours for the operation.
  • Reduced cleaning time ensures that silo down-time is minimized.
  • In some cases it is possible to continue using silos while they are cleaned, eliminating down time.
  • Cleaned out material can be recovered for immediate use or packaging.
  • Compressed air process eliminates the large quantities of water required for pressurized water cleaning methods and the corresponding waste that is generated.
Enhance Safety
SASC provides an increased level of safety over other silo cleaning methods that require entry into the silo. With the SASC process, cleaning crews remain outside the silo throughout the entire process, thereby eliminating the dangers and risks associated with these cleaning methods. Crews operating at the top of the storage container also maintain continuous two-way radio contact with the crew located near the air compressor.
SASC maintains a highly experienced cleaning field staff along with an in-house professional engineer. This enables SASC to provide solutions for standard cleaning projects as well as custom solutions for a variety of non-standard storage hoppers, bins and silos.
Professional Evaluation
The SASC Operations Team evaluates each project before it begins. This ensures that storage containers will be cleaned in the most efficient and effective manner. The Operations Team is also available to consult on best practices for maintaining storage containers at maximum efficiency and can advise on proper preventative maintenance procedures as well as regular cleaning schedules.