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<font color="#2dc675">Green Solution – NO Generated Waste</font>

Green Solution – NO Generated Waste

We utilize a Green silo cleanout process. Instead of water, the process uses dry, pressurized air which drives a controlled whipping action on the various attachments used to break down material toward the gates/openings below.

<font color="#2dc675">Time Savings</font>

Time Savings

Silo Air System Cleaning Ltd. utilizes a unique dry air cleaning process that provides remarkable cleaning results in a very short time.

<font color="#2dc675">Cost Savings</font>

Cost Savings

Our process provides storage operators with a number of ways to save costs by utilizing the efficiency and material recoverability of our dry cleaning process.

<font color="#2dc675">Enhanced Safety</font>

Enhanced Safety

Silo Air System Cleaning Ltd. provides an increased level of safety over other silo cleaning methods that require entry. Our crews never enter the silo and all cleaning is performed while crews are outside the silo whether on top or below the silo.

<font color="#2dc675">Versatility</font>


SASC maintains a highly experienced cleaning field staff with over 50 years in the field combined.

<font color="#2dc675">Professional Evaluation</font>

Professional Evaluation

The SASC Operations Team evaluates each project before it begins. This ensures that storage containers are cleaned as efficiently as possible.

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  • Silo Air System Cleaning Ltd.
    The Fastest, Safest Silo Clean Out Service
    Over 35 Years Of Experience
  • Silo Air System Cleaning in the Mining Industry
    Silo Air System Cleaning has cleaned out mining industry silos containing a wide variety of different materials, such as metal ores, including gold, nickel ...
  • Silo Air System Cleaning in the Cement Industry
    Silo Air System Cleaning has cleaned out cement industry silos and bins used to store raw materials before processing, such as clinker, gypsum and cement.
  • Silo Air System Cleaning Ltd. uses high pressure that is dry.
    Our cleaning process utilizes dry air, which enables silo contents to be cleaned without the use of water and without creating any waste product.
  • Silo Air System Cleaning on Safety
    Our cleaning process is performed while our crews never enter the silo reducing any need for confined space entry or further risk. Our crews are highly trained and follow strict safety standards.
  • Silo Air System Cleaning in the Minerals Industry
    Silo Air System Cleaning has cleaned out many silos and bins that contain salt, coal, gold, nickel, ore and other minerals. Since we use a dry process the material dislodged can be reused in most cases.
  • Silo Air System Cleaning - A Green Solution.
    Our system uses a dry process that allows reusing many material types that are dislodged during the clean-out process. Check out our Case Studies to read about some examples.
  • Silo Air System Cleaning in the Food Industry
    Our cleaning solution is safe for the food industry and we have cleaned out many silos containing flour, sugar, corn and canola as well as others.
  • Silo Air System Cleaning serving many industries
    Our advanced green cleaning process has proven to be fast, effective and safe for silos of all shapes and sizes in a variety of the different industries.